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Ewald is a member of the Eagle Tribe and leader of the Eagle Ruling Council.

This wise Eagle was elected by his tribe to lead the Eagles' Ruling Council. He will debate for hours or even days to find the solution to a problem - although sometimes that means that when he finally makes up his mind, it's too late.



The leader of the Eagles' Ruling Council, Ewald is prone to endless deliberations about everything from battle strategy to what they should eat for lunch. He is always searching for the perfect solution to everything, which keeps him from ever accomplishing anything. The truth is: he loves the debate about the action a LOT more than he loves the action itself.

Physical Appearance

Ewald is a blue feathered male eagle. He has golden crown that covers most of his head feathers. Ewald's eyes are a yellow hue, as is his beak and hands. Like all eagles, he has a pair of white wings. Unlike other tribe members, Ewald wears a light blue dress-like robe, with golden details.


  • "Let's ease our way into this, Start with an Inverted slip barrel claw shriek."
  • "Interesting observation Laval, it would appear my papers are completely upside-down."


  • Ewald is the only character other than Crunket and Fluminox that has the un-movable dress legs.
  • Ewald is rumored to be the father of Eris and Equila.
  • Ewald, unlike the other eagles, has blue skin behind his beak, rather than the white feathers of the other Eagles.
  • Ewald has a lisp.
  • Ewald is a flight tester, as shown on Air Head Flight Test.
  • Along with being a flight tester, he is also a scientist, as he wanted to study the Eagle Legend Beast.


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