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Ejectable Flyer

Ejectable Flyer.png

Personal Information
Name Ejectable Flyer
Other Name(s) Ice Mammoth Stomper
Owner(s) Mottrot
Vehicle Type Aircraft
Built By Mottrot
Abilities/Used For Aerial Recon Missions
Aerial Assaults (Probably)
First Episode Firedreaming
First Product 70145 Maula's Ice Mammoth Stomper

The Ejectable Flyer is a vehicle used by the Mammoth Tribe. It is built in as a part of the Ice Mammoth Stomper.


The other Mammoth Tribe members may be a little slow, but not Mottrot. He knows that victory over the Ice Tribes’ enemies means that they have to know all about the creatures who oppose them. That’s why he’s modified the Ice Mammoth Stomper so that part of it can detach and convert into a flying vehicle. Now he can go on important aerial recon missions. It’s just too bad that Maula won’t listen to his reports…and Mungus doesn’t understand them!