“It may not be your typical tribal village, but we call it home.”
— Eris talking about the Eagle Spire


Eagle Spire is a location in Chima and a tribal village.


The Eagle Spire is a tall spire/pillar of rock jutting into the air. On it, the Eagle Tribe has made their homes. There are numerous buildings and towers near the top, including a large circular room where the eagle's library is located. There is also a large launch pad for the jets and other aircraft that the Eagles possess. At the very top is a seemingly carved rock in the shape of an eagle's head. The high altitude and lack of a way up for other tribes who can't fly (unless by plane or helicopter), it is probably the hardest tribe village to attack.


Eagle Spire was presumably built sometime soon after the Eagles drank the CHI water.

Few visitors ever came to the Spire, according to Eris, and the Eagles created an advanced government, society, and a large amount of odd contraptions in their peaceful homes.

It remained safe from attack for thousands of years, until Cragger and Crooler, with Ripnik's help, tricked the Wolf Tribe into attacking. Using Bellow Plants, they were almost able to succeed until the Lion Tribe and Raven Tribe stepped in.

Soon later, the Ravens also staged an attack of sorts, trying to get their hands (and hooks) on their many possessions. They inhabited the Spire after driving the Eagles out for only a day or so, until getting bored and going back to the Raven Town.


The Spire is located in a grassland, near a river. According to the map in Laval's Journey, it is to the east of Mount Cavora, and slightly north.


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