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Grand Skimmer Duckess is the leader of the Skimmer Clan.


Duckess resembles a mallard duck, with mottled brown feathers and a yellow beak. Her wings are primarily brown but have patches of blue. She wears a white dress with silver trim and a bright emerald brooch in the shape of a duck's head.


Duckess is a stern and motherly figure who is determined to keep her clan united and close-knit. She is very organized and strict, and hates when things don't go her way, but is caring and views all of her clan-mates as family. She can be melodramatic, and likes to dress up and show off—especially when she's boasting about her ducklings.

Duckess used to be much less conservative, and would throw grand parties for all of the Pond Clans. However, after the Pond Clans were betrayed by the herons and her mate was killed in a fight, she became more closed off. At her command, her tribe retreated into their village of reed nests, cutting off contact with the other clans except to collect CHI.



  • Mate: deceased
  • Children: Diduk and his three siblings
  • Friends: Dip, Orise
  • Former friend: Lady Horrend

Fun Facts

  • Her name is a pun on "Duck" and "Duchess"
  • She has a soft spot for fashion and aesthetics, and can be seen decorating the ducks' territory with bright flowers and reed garlands.
  • She is the conductor of the Skimmer Express, an amphibious train that runs all around the pond. Since it came under her control, only ducks have been allowed to ride.