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No matter how much power he has, Draco, the king of the Dragon Tribe, always strives for more power. He is second in command of the Storm Tribes but plans on leading all of the tribes, including the Thunder Bird Tribe and their leader, Thrunder. Draco is known to be relentless and cold-hearted when it comes to battle and is known to fight everything head-on.


Like the other dragons, he can breathe lightning out of his mouth and is also able to use a powerful weapon called the Thundroar. This powerful weapon amplifies his roars, making them so powerful that he can knock down trees, walls, and even large structures. With this weapon, Draco gets even more power-crazed, making him more deadly than he would otherwise be.

Fighting Style

Most dragons prefer to rush into battle with pure force and not much skill, but Draco loves to use strategy in battle alongside pure force to generate a victory on his part. His power-crazed personality also makes him more focused in battle, making him a lot more dangerous.


  • Thrunder: Although Thrunder thinks of Draco as the most powerful warrior in the Storm Tribes, Thrunder distrusts Draco due to Draco's power-crazed personality. However, they still work together, even though Thrunder always has to be on his guard.
  • Tormak: Because Draco and Tormak are the most powerful members of their respective tribes, they have a natural rivalry with each other.
  • Laval: Draco doesn't think much of Laval because he never stands a chance against Draco unless he has Cragger and Eris to back him up. Despite this, Draco is wary when it comes to fighting Laval, especially when the others are around him.

UmbreonzRule101's Adaptation

Draco was the Founder of the Clan of the Sky (FireClan) and was the inventor of the FireWings, a magic breastplate that granted the user wings and the ability to fly, when not in water or rain. (The Phoenix would later use the FireWings to defeat the Hunters in LEGO Legends of Chima, Season 3.) His greatest rivals were the Krakens, Raptors, and Tortoises. He married a Dragon named Draluxe, and she became Queen, although nobody in Chima's history ever knew if Draco and Draluxe had a child, an heir to their throne.


  • Draco is named after Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter series.
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