Dom de la Woosh is a member of the Peacock Tribe and an expert Speedor racer.


Dom de la Woosh is a Speedor racer who is past his prime by the time of TV Series. He is still an expert Speedor racer, and is quite possibly the most charasmatic out of all them, stealing the spotlight from anyone else, even ShadoWind. However, he rarely, if ever races, making his appearance in the TV Series rare. The only time he ever truely raced was in Episode 8: The Biggest Race Ever, where the Woosh, hungry for attention, agreed to create a distraction so Cragger could win.


  • The Woosh's name does not correspond with the traditional naming patterns, it could be he was never meant to be a true character. This might explain how he very rarely appears in the TV Series.
  • Before the Woosh revealed that he had created a distraction for Cragger, Eris was a Fangirl of him, even getting her wing signed.
  • When Laval and Cragger were younger, they both attempted to be 'the better Woosh'.
  • In the TV Series, the Woosh has a hispanic accent, along with his own little theme that plays when a scene focuses on him.
  • In episode 32, the Whoosh was frozen in by the Ice Hunters in the position of kissing his Speedor, which he had confessed his love to seconds before.

Episode Appearances

  • Incomplete

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