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Note: This article has contents based on The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night and The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon, and I did not make this up.

“No! You can't stop me.”
— Dark Laval to Eris (Legends of Chima: The Last Battle)
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Dark Laval is a powerful dark form that Laval gained in UmbreonzRule101's Fan Season, Legends of Chima: The Four Clan Destiny'. It has since served as the dark side of the young hero in The Four Clan Destiny and The Last Battle.


Legends of Chima: The Four Clan Destiny

Possessed by the influence of the mysterious mountain's powerful Fury Storms, Laval used his immense power to cause powerful earthquakes to shake the mountain, frightening the fighting Clans below to retreat. Afterwards, Laval wildly knocked out Cragger and unwillingly challenged Eris to a duel. When Cragger woke up from his unconscious state, he jumped into the air and quickly crashed into Laval, setting him free from the mountain's influence. Afterwards, Laval felt hurt, and he apologized to his friends, saying that he couldn't stop himself from doing what he had done before the mountain started to crumble around them.

Legends of Chima: The Last Battle

When Fluminox risked his own life to get Laval and his friends through the Destroyer's Ring of Fire, Laval was devastated and refused to believe that his mentor had perished. Eris told Laval to let Fluminox's death go, but the darkness the Lion unintentionally gained in the mysterious mountain three years prior took hold of him, transforming him back into Dark Laval. He threatened to harm Eris and Cragger with levitating rocks as he was willing to go back into the Ring of Fire in an attempt to save Fluminox, telling Eris and Cragger that they couldn't stop him from doing so. However, Eris' words managed to bring Laval out of the dark influence and he returned to normal, sadly accepting the death of his mentor.


Dark Laval is a deep black Lion with blank white eyes and shadowy armour, mane and wings. He has some chalky-red imprints on his fire armour. A black, shadowy aura emits from around his body, and as for his energies, they changed from their usual color to a pure and divine, red, gold and violet color in the after-effects.


Dark Laval possesses a split personality. During the first phase of his transformation, Laval demonstrated a free will and an ability to witness his power and his surroundings with a positive or cocky nature. However, in the fullest phase of his new power, Dark Laval became an unresponsive and ruthless creature who ignored anyone who opposed him, thus becoming one with the untamable aura that was steadily swallowing his mind, body, and spirit.

Additional Information

  • Dark Laval is based on Dark Spyro from The Legend of Spyro Series.
  •  If things get out of control, emotional reminders can help relieve Laval from his wild state.