A stud

There are two types of currency used in LEGO Legends of Chima Online.


Studs are the main currency in LEGO Legends of Chima Online. Studs mainly come from smashing plants and crocodiles. Another way to earn studs is to place a stud-generating building on an Outpost or have an item sold in a Lion Market. These models will generate studs on a timer, and when they are ready to be collected, the player must click the building to collect. Studs are also used when trading with player to player via a Lion Market.

Official Definition

  • Studs – In game currency that is used to build/upgrade buildings, level up, and purchase items in the game.

Gold Bricks

Gold Bricks are a rare type of currency. Gold Bricks are sometimes granted to players, and can be won during community events. During the closed Beta Test Phase, Gold Bricks were more frequently found in the wilderness. They are more valuable than studs and are usually needed when buying more powerful weapons without trading.

Official Definition

  • Gold Bricks – In-game currency that is very rarely found in the wilderness. Gold Bricks will be granted occasionally during the beta, and can be won during Community events. Gold Bricks are the premium currency for the game.


Players can buy Gold Bricks with real money via the Chima Online website.

Gold Bricks USD
1200 Gold Bricks + 800 Bonus $59.99
800 Gold Bricks + 250 Bonus $39.99
400 Gold Bricks + 80 Bonus $19.99
200 Gold Bricks + 10 Bonus $9.99
100 Gold Bricks $4.99


  • "Studs" are actually 1x1 Round Tiles, but most LEGO video games refer to them as studs.