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“Whatever you do, don't listen to...”
— Crominus to Cragger

Crominus is a member and the king of the Crocodile tribe.

In the first episode, Crominus and Crunket ended up falling into the Gorge of Eternal Depth, which would set the stage for season two.


Crominus is the Crocodile King and Cragger's father. His wife is Queen Crunket. A tough and fiercely-protective leader, Crominus could not stand the Lions but he always respected them. Unlike his son, Crominus ruled with logic and common sense, instead of emotion. He realized that fighting always hurts BOTH sides. He was by no means a pacifist, but he was definitely more pragmatic than his hot-headed son.[1]


At some point in time, Crominus was born into the Crocodile Tribe. A fearsome yet fair warrior, Crominus eventually fell in love with Crunket, princess of his tribe. However, with opposition from Lavertus, a prince of the Lion Tribe and another lover, Crominus attempted to compete for her affection but ultimately failed.

Wanting to be with Crunket, Crominus visited the Raven Slums and contacted Reagull, a Raven alchemist. Buying one of many Persuader Plants from him, Crominus later snuck up on Lavertus and used the hypnotic pheromones to make him steal CHI from the sacred pool at the Lion Temple. Caught in the midst of his crime, Lavertus was exiled to the Outlands for his perceived crime, leaving Crominus to become Crunket's lover and eventual betrothed. Following their marriage, Crominus was crowned as King and ruled fairly, maintaining reasonable negotiations with the other tribes. With the Persuader Plant no longer of use, Crominus left it to die in the Crocodile Swamps, certain it had done its purpose and wouldn't be used again. At one point, Crominus challenged Lavertus' brother, Lagravis to a Speedor race, and after crashing due to his own recklessness, he amicably brushed aside the incident and continued to get along with the Lion king.

Continuing his duties as King, Crominus eventually came across the fractured and warring Wolf Tribe. Seeking peace, Crominus set to work, using negotiations, diplomacy, and other methods to bring peace to the wolves and unite them into a single tribe. Grateful for his help, the Wolves promised to return the favor to him and his descendants whenever they asked by creating and signing the Pledge of the Pack, which they handed over to Crominus. This moment was also celebrated by the Crocodiles giving the Wolves the Vengious of Honor, to symbolize the alliance.

Later, Crominus fathered the twins Cragger and Crooler. However, when the two hatched, Crooler accidentally knocked over Cragger's egg, much to the horror of Crominus and Crunket. Checking up on Cragger, they affirmed his survival, and viewing it as a miracle, blessed their son as the chosen heir to the throne, much to Crooler's rage and disappointment. As the two grew up, Crominus kept a careful eye on Cragger and especially Crooler, who would goad her brother into performing reckless acts and manipulate him, to the point where he would distrust his daughter entirely.

The Legend of Chima

Going for a swim in the royal chambers, Crominus received word of his son Cragger's detainment. Enraged and fiercely protective of his son, Crominus personally traveled with his wife and an envoy to the Lion Temple, where he quarreled with Lagravis over the apprehending and tasing of Cragger. Furiously demanding an apology, Crominus reluctantly backs down after remembering his presence in the home of a friend and leaves, promising Lagravis that he won't let the incident slide.

Later, to keep Cragger safe from any other incidents, Crominus told his son to keep away from Laval and likewise had Worriz keep an eye on him. Later that day, however, Crominus, seeing the Croc Flare sent up by a panicked Cragger, promptly traveled with Crunket in his tank alongside a small army of Crocodiles to retrieve his son. Arriving at the Fangs, Crominus came into contact with Lagravis, who had likewise brought his own forces to arrest Cragger. Despite attempted negotiations, however, Crawley, struggling to get into formation, accidentally tripped and fired his gun at the Lions.

The blast causing panic, the Lions, in turn, fired back, prompting an all-out battle to occur. As the unstable ground caused his tank to fall to lower ground, making Crominus drop his crown, Cragger attempted to sort out the misunderstanding, with Crominus promising his son to make the Lions pay in the confusion of the battle. Targeting Lagravis personally, Crominus fired his aptly-named 'Claw-poon' at the Lion's Royal Fighter, successfully impaling the back of the vehicle. Attempting to ensnare Lagravis, Crominus was forced to follow the Royal Tank's path as it tried to careen away, and in the chaotic pursuit, his tank flipped over, crashing right over the edge of the Gorge of Eternal Depth.

With his vehicle overturned, inoperable, and all exits covered up by the Claw-poon's tangled rope, Crominus attempted to break free to no avail, eventually calling out in desperation for someone to help Crunket, who was likewise trapped beside him. Lagravis, heeding his friend's pleas, attempted to pull the two in using the ensnared Claw-poon's rope, only for Cragger, confused in the heat of battle and believing Lagravis was trying to push them in, to sever the rope and try to haul them in himself.

With Cragger's pleas for CHI going unheeded, Crominus, accepting his fate as his tank began to descend into the Gorge, bid his son farewell and attempted to warn him not to trust Crooler, only for his warning to be cut short as his tank plummeted into the Gorge.

Crashing into the bottom below, an injured Crominus climbed out with Crunket and realizing that the Gorge wasn't quite as bottomless as reputed, and used his staff to light the way as he escorted Crunket by hand, deciding they needed to return ASAP and hoping that Crooler wouldn't manipulate their son. Traveling through the darkness for days, Crominus and Crunket came into contact with several Scorpions, Spiders, and Bats, which he kept at bay using the light of his Haxraxx.

The Warrior Within

Hungry, tired, and desperate, Crominus' prayers would seemingly be heeded after a trove of CHI orbs fell from the darkness above, recklessly dropped in by Laval. Seizing an orb, Crominus would discover a Scorpion clinging to the surface, and repulsed, dropped the crystal, causing it to roll away as the creature absorbed the energies and evolved into a humanoid, intelligent being. Watching in horror as the other miniature Legend Beasts converged on the CHI and evolved, Crominus and Crunket were quickly captured by the now-evolved Scorpion, Bats, and Spiders, who demanded they lead them out of the Gorge of Eternal Depth and to the source of CHI. His wife in danger and held hostage, Crominus obligated, helping provide the Crawlers direction and guidance in their journey.


While roaming the Gorge of Eternal Depth, Crominus came across the Pledge of the Pack, having recently been dropped there by his daughter Crooler. Taking it for himself, Crominus kept it on his being, revealing it to Crunket and writing a message for Cragger should he ever come across it.

Later, Crominus succeeded in finding an exit from the Gorge of Eternal Depth, emerging in the hazardous Outlands. The Crawlers, observing Mount Cavora in the distance, became enamored by the source of the very power, and seeing a chance to escape, Crominus led his wife away from their captors. Despite initially evading them, however, they were quickly captured once again. Held prisoner, Crominus bore witness to the Crawlers' brutal capture of the Legend Beasts, realizing their plans to dam Cavora's CHI falls and harvest its orbs for themselves. Later, as Scorm detained the Mother Wolf, Crominus lectured the Scorpion King for his selfishness and lack of kingly demeanor, even as the Legend Beast escaped. Seizing the opportunity, Crominus broke free of his cage, riding on the Mother Wolf's back as they escaped and taunting Scorm, only to be knocked off a branch and quickly recaptured.

Sometime afterwards, Lagravis came into contact with ShadoWind, the masked alter-ego of his former love rival Lavertus. Unaware of ShadoWind's true identity, Crominus succeeded in handing the Pledge of the Pack over to ShadoWind, who later succeeded in having it delivered to Cragger as a sign of reassurance. Eventually, Crominus received word of Crunket and the Crocodile Legend Beast's escape from the Outlands, with help from ShadoWind.

The Eagle and the Bear

Later, Crominus was transported in his cage to the Scorpion Cave alongside the Mother Wolf, who was continuously being stung by Scorpion venom in order to detain and subdue the Legend Beast.

Tooth or Consequences

Trapped in his moving cage at night, a shocked Crominus would see his son Cragger for the first time, alongside Worriz, as the two attempted to rescue him and the Mother Wolf. Despite their failed attempts and subsequent imprisonment, Crominus nevertheless reconciled with his son in joy. Discussing recent events and becoming dismayed over Crooler's manipulation of Cragger, Crominus' attention was quickly diverted upon being told that ShadoWind was none other than Lavertus, his former rival. Concerned over Lavertus' recent contact with Crunket and still bitter over their previous feud, Crominus apologized to Cragger over having withheld the secret of his marriage to Crunket and revealed his past with Lavertus.

Arriving at the Scorpion Cave and held prisoner there, Crominus witnessed the dispute between Scorm and Spinlyn and noted that the two would easily turn on each other if given the chance, inspiring Cragger to spark the feud between them by revealing the truth of who blessed them with CHI. Later, as the Crawlers attempted to defend the heroes' and Legend Beasts' onslaught, Crominus escaped his cage after the Mother Wolf, having had her tooth returned to her and now free of the Scorpion venom's control, destroyed their prison. Regrouping with his son atop the Crocodile Legend Beast, Crominus gave Laval directions to the Lion Legend Beast before being attacked by the regrouped Crawler forces. Regrouping with the rest of the heroes, Crominus heard Cragger's story as his son revealed to everyone that it was Laval who had dropped the CHI that transformed the Crawlers, in a bid to bring the two sides together. However, with Cragger's gamble failing and Scorm and Spinlyn dismissing the story, the battle continued, with Crominus too conflicted about Laval's mistake to join the Lion Prince in his rescue of the Lion Legend Beast, leaving Laval vulnerable to an attack by Scorm that seemingly killed the young prince.

This May Sting a Bit

With Laval seemingly having been killed in the blast, Crominus took a moment to mourn his death alongside his son, likewise disheartened by Scorm's overwhelming numbers and firepower. However, emboldened by Cragger's words of bravery, Crominus quickly rode to battle with his son against his captors, fighting fiercely in the name of his home and proudly declaring the unity of their family.

However, with the Crawler forces beginning to overwhelm the group, Rogon used his boosted knowledge of petrology to decipher weak points in the cave's structure and destroy them, causing the entire Scorpion Cave to collapse. Greeted by the welcome sight of Laval and the Lion Legend Beast, Crominus attempted to escape with the others, only for Scorm to destroy all but one exit in a spiteful attempt to take them down with him. Luckily, Rinona flew in the Wind Shadow, using its blasters to attack Scorm and causing the Scorpion King to miss, even as Lavertus dropped in to assist the heroes.

Shocked by the appearance of his old foe, who was likewise unpleased to see Crominus, the two came face-to-face. Although initially intimidated by Lavertus' justified rage, Crominus was instead given a confession by the Lion, who admitted that despite his lonely years of rage and bitterness towards the Crocodile, his mind was ultimately changed upon meeting Crominus' son Cragger and realizing the good that came of Crominus and Crunket's marriage. Deciding that suffering and sacrifice must happen in order for good things to occur, Lavertus gave Crominus the scarf of Crunket, which he'd held onto after all these years in his bitter rage. Shocked by Lavertus' grace, Crominus escaped from the collapsing cave in time as his former enemy kept it stable long enough for everyone to exit.

Initially celebrating their apparent victory, Crominus saw Scorm emerge from the rubble for seemingly last one time as Laval forgave the Scorpion King, handing him an orb as the cave swallowed his captor. Returning to Chima on the back of the Crocodile Legend Beast, Crominus was promptly welcomed back by everyone at the Lion Temple, tearfully reuniting with Crunket before addressing Lagravis and apologizing for the words he'd said during their last encounter. Explaining the truth of what he'd done to Lavertus and how Lagravis' brother had helped them, Crominus humbly begged for mercy and forgiveness in order to repent for his crimes and transgressions, hoping to atone by becoming a slave to Lagravis. However, Lagravis, having grown weary of the conflict that blood feud started, instead chose to forgive him completely just as his brother had done. Shocked by Lagravis' grace, Crominus accepted it and seized his friend's arm, declaring that they restart Mount Cavora's falls in the name of Chima and Lavertus. Later, after peace ensued, Crominus and Lagravis came together to bestow their sons their own personal royal vehicles, giving Cragger his Striker.


  • In the TV series, Crominus is portrayed with a goatee, although this is not present on his minifigure.
  • Despite playing a more prominent role in the series in Episodes 21-26, Crominus never appears in any of the 2014 sets. Ironically, he makes appearances in the 2013 and 2015 sets, which are all based off of seasons he had little prominence in.
  • Crominus' sword can become a staff-walker depending on how it's used.
  • His name is a play on the word ominous, thus giving an element of foreshadowing to the first season.
  • Despite his teeth's golden coloration, it's unknown whether this is their natural coloring or an artificial layering.
  • Although always portrayed wearing his crown in the sets, Crominus only wears it at the start of the series and never again afterwards.
  • Crominus is similar to Garmadon, a character from LEGO Ninjago, in that both are the fathers of misguided sons who initially are swayed to the path of evil but are put on the right track by friends, as wished by their fathers. Likewise, both Garmadon and Crominus competed with another for the affection of a beloved and used underhanded methods and lies (the Persuader Plant, resigning the letter) to become betrothed.


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