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Crocodile Tribe
Personal Information
Leader King Crominus
Queen Crunket
Next In Line Prince Cragger
Main Warrior(s) Cragger
Home Location The Croc Swamp Hideout
Weapon Types
  • Vengdualize
  • Royal Hakraxx
  • Slugga
  • Swampulsor
  • Vengious
  • Gronk
  • Grandiorus
  • Krank
  • Ripporous
  • Jaba
Battle Vehicle(s)
  • Croc Tanks and boats
Affiliation(s) Tribes of Chima
Biological Information
Animal Species Crocodile
Ancestor Crocodile Legend Beast
Status Alive

The Crocodile Tribe is one of the tribes in Chima. It is the tribe that started the war over CHI in Season 1, being joined by the Wolf Tribe, the Raven Tribe, and the Rhinoceros Tribe.

The Crocodile Tribe is run by a king. The crocodiles live in the Croc Swamp Hideout. The Vengdualize is a double-bladed sword passed from the Croc king to his heir when he or she comes of age.

The vehicles used by the Crocs often use olive green as a base color with transparent red windshields.


Game Characters

  • Croc Sister
  • Croc Brother
  • Croc Veteran (male)
  • Croc Huntress
  • Croc Hunter
  • Cruz (Legend of Chima Online)
  • Crumb (Legend of Chima Online)
  • Crooki (Legend of Chima Online)
  • Carrot King (Legend of Chima Online)


The Crocs seem to be a hunter-based tribe, as much of their clothing, vehicles, weapons, and structures are adorned with the bones of long-dead prey. As the bones are mostly from fish, this also indicates that fish are most likely the main food source for the tribe. Before Cragger plugged Chi early, the Crocodiles, despite being a very fearsome-looking animal, seemed to be much more peaceful, so perhaps they were simple fishermen and hunters before the events of Season 1 of the TV series.

Like all tribes of Chima, the Crocodiles fashion their buildings after themselves. They dwell within a great indoor city shaped like a crocodile head with a throne room directly in the center. This fortress is mostly built of stone, with many armor stands and weapon racks adorning the halls.

The Crocodiles' clothing is very simple. All males in the tribe are either bare-chested or own a few clothes for a "shirt"; for leggings, every last one posses a crimson loincloth or no leggings at all. Females typically dress in swimwear-like attire, most often clothing resembling a bikini or rarely, a one-piece swimsuit as seen in the Croc Huntress. These clothes are more varied in color, either light blue or lavender.


  • In the concept art of the Crocodile Tribe, their aesthetic resembles that of Mayan civilization, with many of their structures and clothes based on it.
  • Chima symbol 6!.jpg
    During season 1, the Crocodile Tribe was the leader of the "villain tribes" or "Rebels", and its members had the symbol shown left on their vehicles and buildings.
  • Chima symbol 5!.jpg
    During season 3, the Crocodile Tribe was a member of the tribes allied with the Phoenix (or "Fire Tribes"), and its members had the symbol shown left on their vehicles and clothes.


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