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The Crocodile Legend Beast is one of the eight Legend Beasts rescued by the Heroes in Season 2. It was rescued by ShadoWind and Laval on the edge of the Outlands with Queen CrunketCragger rides it in the next season to save the other Legend Beasts. It is seen in episodes 20-26 and 33-39.


  • The Croc Legend was the first Legend Beast to be rescued.
  • Following the end of the war and prior to the journey to the Outlands, Cragger outfitted Vengdualize onto the Crocodile Beast's armor. This is both symbolic of his ended feud with Laval, and also his goal of finding his parents (which the blades of Vengdualize represent) using the Crocodile Legend Beast.
  • The Crocodile Legend Beast is revealed to like cupcakes in Into the Outlands.
  • Lavertus named it "Crocky."