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“There's evil out there Cragger... bad tribes and black clouds... they want to steal all our Chi.”
— Crunket, "For Chima!"

The Crawlers, also known as the Dark Tribes or the Outland Tribes, are a united force of three new tribes that originated from The Outlands.


The Crawlers first appear towards the end of the first season, in the episode "The Black Cloud." They appear soon after Laval breaks a sacred rule of the Lion Tribe by stealing Golden Chi to free the other warriors from the so-called "fog of destiny." Because of this, many of the other tribes blame Laval for having caused the "black cloud" that appeared, surrounding Mount Cavora and preventing its falls from providing Chi. It is not until the season finale, "For Chima!," that the tribes of Chima are informed by Queen Crunket that the "black cloud" is actually just the members of the dark tribes attempting to harvest Chi.

As Crunket explains, she and King Crominus survived the drop into the Gorge of Eternal Depth, and were discovered by the Crawlers, who had been given sentience by the Chi that Laval had stolen from the crocs and dropped into the gorge to prevent them from using it against the other tribes. She and Crominus told the newly evolved creatures that they knew where to obtain more Chi in exchange for their survival. Once they exited the caves and went into the Outlands, the Crocs attempted escape, but only Crunket got away. The Crocodile Legend Beast attempts to rescue her, but the two get caught in a "trap" (spider web) and are then rescued by ShadoWind and Laval.



  • The concept art shows the Crawlers with more monstrous designs, and with three more tribes; horn beetles, mosquitoes and mantises.
  • In another piece of concept art, the scorpions and the bats are shown working for a red cloaked figure. Currently, it's still unknown who this figure was originally supposed to be.