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“Let's destroy the Lions!”
— Cragger

Cragger is the prince of the Crocodile Tribe. He is the son of Crominus and Crunket, and the brother of Crooler. He’s also one of Laval’s best friends. He was the primary antagonist of season 1 of the TV Series (albeit under Crooler's control), while in seasons 2 and 3, he became a protagonist.


In every version of the minifigure and in the TV show, Cragger is a muscular, light green colored crocodile with lighter colored chest and abdomen scales, two pairs of white claws on his feet, red spikes running down his head, and a long tail (in some media.) A distinguishing feature about Cragger is his lack of a left eye, with a notable scar running across that area of his face.

Cragger gained more and more attire throughout the course of the sets and TV show. In the first wave, he was nearly completely bare, clad in a pair of crimson chest straps in the shape of an X with a CHI-holder in the center and several teeth and a fish-bone adorning them. A large belt hung at his waist with more fangs and a couple of yellow ropes attached. From this belt extended a badly damaged loincloth, being the only garment below his waist.

Later, during the Outlands mission, Cragger gained what is seemingly chainmail over his chest. He wears a metal breastplate with a CHI-holder once again in its center. His arms are bare. Cragger's new leggings consist of a deep grey belt, holding on another crimson loincloth much like his original, only slightly larger and less notable, being concealed by a series of dark grey or silver straps. His loincloth is decorated with a matching red rope and several teeth.

During the Fire wars, Cragger was seen fully clothed for the first time. He wore a red and gold fire suit much like the others. Being a major character alongside Laval, Cragger had a pair of unique, crocodile-head-shaped kneepads. His suit also contained several golden pieces of armor for each of his claws. With Fire Wings, Cragger dons a Fire Wing Harness, with flaming wings and a Crocodile symbol.


Cragger's Beginnings


Cragger was always an extremely-competitive kid. He lived for the rush of victory. Laval actually liked that about him when they first met, and the two became best friends at a very young age. At the time, both cared only about adventure, fun, and the occasional prank. Cragger challenged Laval’s Lion sense of propriety, and Laval had a way of getting Cragger to laugh at himself – no small feat given Cragger’s oversized ego. But everything changed when Cragger had his first taste of CHI. There are strict rules about how old one must be to use Chi, and Cragger was far too young to handle its awesome power. For Cragger, CHI gave him that sense of ultimate power he had always been seeking. He never completely recovered from the experience. This was the beginning of the end for Laval and Cragger, as well as Chima’s thousand-year Age of Peace.

Quest for the Fire Wings

The quest for the Fire Wings has actually been a good thing in one way for Cragger. Having a common enemy in the Icehunters has helped him to strengthen his bonds of friendship with Eris and Laval and regain their trust. The reappearance of his parents after their long absence has also made Cragger feel like the future will be bright … if they can just get rid of all this ice. He has privately vowed to do whatever he must to save Chima and his friends from Sir Fangar and his armies.

(From Legends of Chima: Character Encyclopedia)

Cragger has had an eventful life for one so young. Believing his parents to be dead, he has assumed the Crocodile throne and fought against the other Tribes. Slowly, Cragger is learning to put aside his greed and ambition for the good of Chima. Cragger rides a specially designed Croc Speedor with a long, low body. An expert rider, Cragger's natural competitive streak emerges during tournaments. Cragger has tried to befriend the dangerous Wolves, foolish Rhinos and untrustworthy Ravens in order to fight the Lions. Now he is learning that the best of friends, like Laval, are the ones that forgive you when you make mistakes. Cragger's rivalry with his twin sister Crooler started early on in their lives - when she pushed his egg out of the family nest.


Cragger was the main antagonist during season 1, and then became a main protagonist throughout the Legends of Chima franchise, thus his entire story is depicted through the Legends of Chima (TV Series).



  • Best Friends: Laval, Worriz, Razar, Eris, Gorzan, Rogon and Bladvic.
  • Fighting Style:
  • Hobbies: Playing with Laval and Speedor Racing.
  • Alignment: Formerly Evil, Currently Good.
  • Personality:
  • Likes: Winning.
  • Dislikes: Being told what to do.
  • Archenemy: Crooler, though he might not always know it.


  • Cragger is the only main character in the series to have both of his parents make an appearance in the series.
  • In some of the concept art with the Crocodile tribe, there is a hunched crocodile figure with a scarred eye, presumably the original design of and precursor to Cragger.
  • In another piece of concept art, a prototype of Cragger has his damaged eye on the right side of his face instead of his left.
  • A version of Cragger is available to buy and use for the Lego Dimensions game. This version features similar printing to his Fire CHI attire, with a few alterations, and has a piece of Fire CHI in his harness. He comes in a Fun Pack with a crocodile speedboat.
  • Cragger says the last line of the show, asking how the heroes intend on getting down from Mount Cavora.
  • Cragger's 2013 profile poster depicts him with Crawley's torso, instead of his own.
  • Cragger has his own theme called "Cragger" in the Legends of Chima Soundtrack.
  • Cragger and Crooler are the only confirmed set of twins throughout the entire series.
  • It is unknown how Cragger scratched and damaged his left eye.

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