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You are wrong. Today, Evil will rule!
— Clawthor

Clawthor is a former lion now working with the Cyndicate to destroy the Lion Temple.


Clawthor has black fur and a tail. Following his mutation, his fur has become stone-hard (except on his tail) and has given him four extra arms.


In the beginning, Clawthor was a normal lion officer.

Eventually, the lions started to report strange acts of behavior from him, but when he attacked the Fox HQ, it had gone too far. The icy Chimians and foxes defended the HQ, but in the end, Clawthor's army destroyed the HQ. However, Flash the Lion was able to capture him and bring him to the Lion HQ. Meanwhile, Clawthor's army of zombie Chimians started to build a base on Molten Mountain. Clawthor was then brought to the Rhino HQ for a trial. However, the trial backfired when the acid snow transformed him into an almost invincible monster, and he, wasting no time, sent his army to attack the lions, obtaining an alliance with Cynderklaw to attack. The forces of Torrent and the Chimian Alliance came to help defend the temple as Roko battled Clawthor.

Later, Clawthor was captured by the C.A.

To be continued...


He seems to be slightly insane, but is smart in a sick, twisted way, and still thinks Chima will be a better place with him in charge.

Weapons and Equipment

Clawthor wields a Valious infected with his energy, and controls his army using his books, using an orb of Chi to bring them to bring them back to life.

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