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Claw Driller


Personal Information
Name Claw Driller
Other Name(s) Ice Bear Mech
Vehicle Type Mech
Built By Ice Bear Tribe
Status Intact
First Episode The Heart of Cavora

The Claw Driller is a gigantic mech that was used by the Ice Bears long ago it is unknown when but, in the final battle for Chima. There are numerous Claw Drillers seen in the show, piloted by numerous Ice Bears.

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The Heart of Cavora

The Ice Bear Mechs were used in the episode The Heart of Cavora by the Ice Bears, to turn the tide of the battle at Lion City, where the Tribes has help from the Mobile Tiger Command that almost destroyed the Ice Hunters and their temple. Back inside the temple Maula tells Sir Fangar they should surrender and accept defeat, but Fangar remembered that he had not awoken the Ice Bear Tribe. So he orders the Vultures to use CHI to awaken them. Some time later they arrived at Lion City and started viciously attacking the Tribes and the Tiger Mobile Commands. It almost seemed that the hunters would win with the Ice Bears, until the Bear Tribe arrived with their Rumble Bears and defeated the Ice Bear tribe and their mechs. Later on Eris and the others launched the ilumination and all the Hunters were cured including the Ice Bears