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A Minifigure chatting

Chat is a feature in LEGO Legends of Chima Online that players can manually put to use by typing in the chat box at the low left of the game's screen, and then pressing enter or the arrow button to the right of it. Other players in the same world can see this text in a dialogue bubble above the chatting Minifigure.

Note: Free chat was removed from the game, now you can only chat by pressing Ctrl, clicking on a character and selecting what you want to say.


A large selection of words from the english dictionary are speakable through chat, along with terms commonly used by players. If a player types a word that is not recognized (which includes words inappropriate for children) then it will show up as "...".


NPCs can "chat" automatically with their voice, which is prerecorded dialogue spoken by a voice actor. For example, when a player first joins, Laval chats with a voice to inform the player about Chi.