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The Celestial Tribes consisted of two rival Clans, the Clan of the Sun, and the Clan of the Moon. The Clan of the Sun consisted of the Unicorn, Dove, and Butterfly Tribes, wanting peace and justice. However, the Clan of the Moon consisted of the Hyena, Owl, and supposedly Panther Tribes, causing chaos and grief. The main disadvantage of the Celestial Tribes is that they cannot use the Fury Element, unlike FireClan, WaterClan, ThunderClan, and NatureClan.


Since no member of any Celestial Tribe has met any of the Tribes of Chima, the Chimian Natives believed that a shooting star was either a fallen Celestial warrior, or a certain type of Chi. The Chimian Natives also believed that the Celestial Tribes lived in temples above the sky, supposedly somewhere in space.

Celestial Chi

The Celestial Tribes used a certain type of Chi, corresponding to their Clan, with the Sun Tribes using Sun Chi and the Moon Tribes using Moon Chi. Both Sun Chi and Moon Chi (collectively called Celestial Chi) are almost three times as powerful as Fire, Water, Thunder, and Nature Chi. However, Celestial Chi is no match for the Fury Element. Sun Chi looks bright pink and radiates light and a calm aura. On the other hand, Moon Chi is deep black in color, and is said to absorb all light, leaving darkness, and drains hope and happiness.