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The Cat Tribe is a secretive tribe of felines that lives in the Outlands. Unlike most other tribes, the Cats will allow any feline outcast to join them, creating a diverse, welcoming tribe. They are skilled in taming the creatures of the Outlands, and have warbeasts along with vehicles. The Cat Tribe is also unique in that their members don’t have to have a name that starts with the same letter as their species, a custom regarded as weird by the Cats. Their main uses for CHI are for augmenting the strengh of their creatures, such as in anklets to make a riding beast faster. Cats generally try to stay out of the larger battles, yet if provoked they will join whoever was the enemy of the attacker. This often leads to confusion among the other tribes, as they might fight with the wolves in one battle and against them in the next.


Cats are small and sleek creatures with an exceptional sense of sight. While not as physically powerful as other races, cats make up for it in cunning. Cats have thin, downy fur which comes in a variety of colors, mostly shades of orangey-brown.


The Cat tribe was formed fairly recently, being created around the same time as the Dark Tribes. A small pack of stray cats from the Outlands drank some of the CHI-infused water in the Gorge of Eternal Depth alongside the Spiders, Scorpions, and Bats, barely escaping with their life. That event drove their leader insane, leading to the start of an isolated civilisation. The Cats grew in power when they designed their first vehicles, crude wooden chariots pulled by a pair of giant lizards. They were first encountered after the war against the Dark Tribes, when a Crocodile expidition into the Outlands stumbled upon a Cat hunting party. The Crocodiles returned covered in scars and telling tales about “Maneless Lions dressed in leaves and riding lizard-dog things”. Few believed them until a Lion went to see them himself, and returned with a Cat prisoner.

Notable Members

  • Kyliss, the Chief
  • Kyro, second in command
  • Tali, rogue Tiger
  • Oriel
  • Simtar, rogue Sabertooth
  • Dekali
  • Vexil

Vehicles and Warbeasts

UmbreonzRule101's Adaptation

The Cat Tribe is a rival of the Dog Tribe, mainly for territory and resources.

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