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A building in Closed Beta

Buildings[1] are placable models that can be placed on an Outpost by its owner. Construction takes an amount of time that depends on the benefits of the building to complete. Some buildings allow the gaining of currency. Crafting Buildings allow players to make weapons and armor. There are more than a dozen upgradable building types, and they offer Minifigures special abilities and powers.


The models have been created by the Bear, Eagle, Lion and Gorilla Tribes. The player is able to build anything (i.e. players don't have to be a bear in order to build a model of the Bear Tribe).


These produce either studs or bricks after a certain amount of time (shown when the house is highlighted) passes. When it's ready, the player can click the Collect button to collect the items and reset the house's production.

Powers Buildings

These buildings allow a player to craft an item or figure that can help them in combat for a period of time.

Crafting Buildings

These buildings allow players to construct their own weapons and armor using bricks.


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