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Name: Bithia

Gender: Female

Appearance: She's a slender anthropomorphic butterfly with white-gold wings, bright pink eyes, long antennae, and pale pink silk armor. She wears a gold Chi harness.

Positive Traits: She's very kind and protective.

Negative Traits: She's a little too vain.

Talents: She loves designing clothes for herself.

Likes: Looking pretty, peace

Dislikes: War

Friend(s): Undis, D'Jogo, the Butterfly Tribe

Backstory: She and her Tribe were attacked by Hyenas and the Unicorn Tribe came to rescue the Butterflies. Now, Bithia is allied with Undis.

Family: Not much is known about her family.

Abilities: She can create light and detect danger from nearly a mile away with her antennae.

Crush: ???

Mentor(s): Undis

Additional Information: Bithia treats Undis with great respect, compared to how Fluminox is like a mentor for Skales, Tormak, and Laval.