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“Fix it! Fix it! Fix it!”
— Bezar

Bezar (known as Breezor in sets) is a Legends of Chima character, the leader of the Beaver Tribe that appears in Legends of Chima (TV Series).


Bezar is the apparent leader of the Beaver Tribe. Like the rest of the tribe, he loves work and chores. He is seen in the episode The Joy Ride, first appearing to be vicious and mean until Laval mentioned the broken Lion Tank. Afterwards, Bezar became very kind. They soon started fixing the tank. Bezar then showed Laval and Eris what the other members were doing: building a dam and canal to block the Chi Falls and make the Chi go to the Crocodile Swamp. He and the rest of the tribe soon finished the tank with a few "improvements".

In Market Day, Bezar is seen racing for the Golden Chi in his Speedor. He is then seen crashing, and his tribe racing toward him, hoping it was to help him, but instead racing to fix the Speedor.


Episode Appearances


  • In the sets, he is called Breezor and has different look.
  • Bezar is only the Beaver who has white fur.
  • His name might be a pun on the word breeze.
  • His headpiece in the set is the same as the Yeti's headpiece first introduced in LEGO Minifigures.
  • He is the only Legends of Chima minifigure not to have a standard minifigure head.
  • He is white in the TV series but his minifigure is brown.


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