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“Fix it!”
— Beavers

The Beaver Tribe is one of the twelve tribes of Chima.


The Beaver Tribe has appeared in the TV Series numerous times and is regarded as a useful curiosity by most tribes, with their obsession with ‘fixing’ stuff setting them apart from other Tribes. Eris is currently the only one known that interacted with them pre-TV Series.

The Beaver Tribe has contributed to the show constantly, with notable events being them attempting to ‘Fix’ Mount Cavora in Episode 19, and them managing to hold off the Ice Hunters on their own (for a little while) in Episode 31.


Beaver Tribe members are squat, with wide tails and brown fur. Many often wear hardhats, complementing their workman style.


The Beavers often view work—especially fixing things—as ‘fun’, and vacation as ‘boring’. This morality makes it easy to persuade the Beavers with promises of work, building, and fixing, as shown in The Joy Ride.


Tribe Dwellings

The Beavers live on a type of lake, with plenty of dry land around as well. The bulk of their home is a huge hybrid lodge/garage. There are several offshoot buildings connected with pathways, however, making movement from one to the next easy. The main lodge has a center door with a path directly to land. This is large enough for a Lion tank to cross through, which is best seen in Episode 4 of the TV Series.

Beavers in LEGO Ninjago