Bear Insignia
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The Bear Tribe is one of the twelve tribes of Chima, knwon for being the sleepiest tribe, not much is known about the bears, except that they compete in the monthly Speedor races, have a Bear Legend Beast as sleepy as they are, and can communicate with one another in their dreams.



Relationships with Other Tribes


Relations with the Lion Tribe are what the Bears call 'Best Buds forever' in Bladvic's words.

Ice Bears

For unknown reasons, the awakening of the Ice Bears brought the Bears out of their normally peaceful sleep to a very lucid state of anger and aggression. In Bladvic's words, the Ice Bears "ruin everything," and their return brought the Bears out of their usual sleepy state and gave them the drive to employ their fearsome Bear Mechs, which they had previously been "too sleepy to use."

Background Information

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