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The Bear Tribe is one of the twelve tribes of Chima, known for being the sleepiest tribe. The bears are also known for competing in the monthly Speedor races, having a Bear Legend Beast and being able to communicate and interact with one another in their dreams. When the Ice Bear Tribe was awakened, the Bear Tribe became active.



The Bear tribe is a very strong tribe. If they wanted to, they could probably beat the other tribes and become the rulers of Chima. But fortunately they have no such ambitions. They are a very peaceful tribe. All they really want to do is sleep. Anytime and anywhere. Of course they like sleeping in comfortable and beautiful surroundings, but the sleep is more important than the place. In the middle of a chase or on a speeding Speedor is just as good as any grassy field. Even when a Bear is CHI’ed up, they can fall asleep. This is actually a bit dangerous, because their CHI’ed up snoring is so deep and rumbling, it can start a landslide.

The Bears have many fascinating abilities, but the most surprising is probably their ability to drive while sleeping. They simply have an instinctive feel for maneuvering while their conscious system is shut down. This is a survival mechanism they have developed, since they can fall asleep anywhere and at anytime. Even when they are asleep, their bodies can still react to sensory input like touch, sound, smell and balance. As Bladvic’s many, many crashes during Speedor racing have proved, it is not always completely successful.

Another sleep-related strength of the Bears is that they are very difficult to control. So powerful is their sleep, so deep is the slumber they fall into, that nothing can control their minds in it. Not the venom of the Scorpions nor the pollen of the Persuader Plant. When somebody tries to control the mind of a bear, the bear’s mind simply dives into sleep and all mind-control washes off them like dirt in a bath.




Bear Machinery

None of the other tribes knew that the Bears had any mechs, before the Ice Bears woke up. Even through the whole outland war against the Scorpions, Spiders and Bats, the Bears never once brought out their powerful machines. Built for strength and hard knocks, these machines truly pack a punch.

Burner Bikes

At first glance, the Bear Burner Bike looks like most other bikes. It is not. Bears can fall asleep anywhere and therefore this bike is built to keep its rider awake. The engine is noisier than it needs to be and it heats up to a higher degree than most other bikes. There is no heat protection between the engine and the rider, so the Bear onboard feels the full warmth of the mighty motor. Hence the name: Burner Bike. This is because nobody, even the Bears, like to fall asleep, when they are very warm.

Bladvic's Rumble Bear

Bladvic’s mech is an awesome machine. Like other mechs, it can run and jump, but this mech has even more tricks up its metal sleeve. The Rumble Bear can switch into driving mode. Wheels appear and makes the mech as fast over plain ground as any speedor. That means no enemy can escape the multi-functional mech of Bladvic. Provided he does not fall asleep, of course. (Set: 70225 Bladvic's Rumble Bear)

Bear Sleep


The ability of the Bear tribe to sleep anywhere and anytime is legendary, but have you ever considered why they sleep so much? Are they really that tired all the time? No. Bears have collective dreams, which means they all share the same dream. In this dream, they can have conversations, solve problems and even throw a little party. You can always recognize the Bear Dream Zone from the fish and beehives floating around, since they are two of the Bears’ favorite things.

When Bears sleep they are almost impossible to wake up. At least if you do not know the right approach to it. No loud noise or shouting will wake the Bears, once they are in the Dream Zone, but even the faintest whisper will. Do you know why? The reason is that the Dream Zone inverts sound. The loud noises are low and low noises are loud. Laval has learned this and is desperately trying to teach it to all the others, so they can get through to their sleepyhead friends when they need to.


  • Relations with the Lion Tribe are what the Bears call 'Best Buds forever' in Bladvic's words.
  • They might be the strongest Tribe with their Bear Mechs.
  • During season 1, Bears were supposed to be on the side of the "good tribes" or "Defenders of the Chi temple", although they didn't give any help to that group what with always being too sleepy.
  • For unknown reasons, the awakening of the Ice Bears brought the Bears out of their normally peaceful sleep to a very lucid state of anger and aggression. In Bladvic's words, the Ice Bears "ruin everything," and their return brought the Bears out of their usual sleepy state and gave them the drive to employ their fearsome Bear Mechs, which they had previously been "too sleepy to use."
  • Chima symbol 5!.jpg
    During season 3, the Bear Tribe was a member of the tribes allied with the Phoenix (or "Fire Tribes"), and its members had the symbol shown left on their vehicles and clothes.