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Eris' fire eagle flyer.jpg

Personal Information
Owner(s) Eris
Vehicle Type Aircraft
Built By Eagle Tribe
Abilities/Used For Aerial Recon Missions
Aerial Assaults (Probably)
First Episode Firedreaming
First Product 70142 Eris' Fire Eagle Flyer

Eris' Fire Eagle Flyer is Eris' vehicle for the Fire VS Ice series. It features twin flash-shooters, one in each wing, moving claws and head, and can be put into Fire Chi power mode by sliding the cockpit forwards.

Set information

Eris' Fire Eagle Flyer has 330 pieces and comes with Eris and her Feathaburner, Lagravis and his Fire Valious and Strainor with his Frostbytor. The set also includes an ice prison, two fire Chi and one ordinary Chi. By sliding the cockpit forwards and backwards you can change the Flyer between it's landing position, flying position and Fire Chi Power Mode. When going into fire chi power mode the wings slide forwards and flames unfold. the flash shooters are moved forwards sticking out at the front pointing diagonally out from the Fire Eagle Flyer and the claws swing forwards like a bird about to catch it's prey.