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70008 Gorzan's Gorilla Striker is a LEGO Legends of Chima set released in the summer of 2013. Description

Rescue G’Loona from the Raven tribe with Gorzan’s Gorilla Striker!

Stomp through the jungle and rescue G’Loona in Gorzan’s Gorilla Striker! Find Rizzo in his raven nest tower and launch the chest-mounted flick missiles! Then fire the shoulder-mounted banana shooter. Watch out for Rizzo’s CHI weapons and fruit-slinging catapult! Use the Gorilla Striker’s mighty swinging arms to crash down on Rizzo and send him flying! Includes 4 minifigures with weapons: Gorzan, Grumlo, G’Loona and Rizzo.


  • Includes 4 minifigures with weapons: Gorzan, Grumlo, G’Loona and Rizzo
  • Features big swinging arms, articulated hands, 6 chest-mounted flick missiles, shoulder-mounted banana shooter and poseable joints
  • Rizzo’s raven nest tower features an eject function and fruit catapult
  • CHI weapon and 3 standard weapons also included
  • Swing the big arms and send Rizzo flying
  • Fire the chest-mounted flick missiles!
  • Shoot bananas at the tower
  • Sling some fruit with the catapult
  • Rescue G’Loona from the raven nest tower!
  • Stands over 8" (22cm) tall
  • Rizzo’s raven nest tower measures over 3" (9cm) high, 2" (6cm) wide and 6" (16cm) deep


  • G'Loona is currently exclusive to this set, having not appeared in any other set since.
  • This set contains unique brown armor for the Gorilla Tribe members. This is currently exclusive.


Ask any crocodile or wolf about the Gorilla Striker and the word they will likely use is “unfair.” Gorillas are already some of the most powerful beings on Chima. Add a gorilla to a huge, armored vehicle with shoulder-mounted banana shooters and an array of missiles, and you are dealing with an unstoppable force. Although gorillas are peaceful at heart, they can do plenty of damage in a Gorilla Striker without even trying.